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Knowledge Born

Accept from me my Mental Treasure,

Strings of Pearls on Man and Nature.

Dull, my pen—I take no pleasure—

Only inks my Nomenclature.

Yours to Listen, mine to Teach—

I’ve never mastered common speech—

with you I’ve gained the right to Preach!

My Father, too, had Wine to spill,

Though his was water, worth no Ear;

His thoughtful Daughter drank her fill.

Besought a School; within a Year—

At last a child! Now she’s Smarter!

Principles? A thoughtful Martyr.

Fermented Wine within the Barter.

Her son stores Mud within his Skull.

A Book to read—And every page!

Unwise—Whose Mind is in a Lull

Dismissing Mother as a Sage?

It must be known, Arithmetic

Became a lonely sort of trick—

(But she could barely count a Stick…)

Another ball of Useless twine?

Your own Maternal, Simple One!

Her brain was not as large as Mine.

A lawyer, she, but not much fun.

Slithering; a poison Asp;

“We’re not fit,” she’d often rasp—

Knowledge was within her grasp!

The Tree of Eden: Parenthood.

At Twenty-Three—I’ve played my part!

Born as Pupils, children should

Be twice as Eager, half as Smart.

Nine Months I waited for the Show—

Intellect, I will bestow!

I never Think, but this I Know.

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