You, a Muse of Companionship, guide lonely Lorne Volley to bond with friends, discuss ideas of love, and solve the mystery of a pair of lookalike soulmates!


When Lorne Volley answers a mysterious email from Lady Love, he quickly finds his soulmate. Twice. Twin strangers who look alike, talk alike, and act alike, but live in totally different cities.  

You are Lorne's muse. Your task is to get him out of his safety zone to connect with family and friends, push at various views about love, and maybe even solve the mystery of his doppelganger soulmates. 

Placebo Love is a friendship scheduling simulator. Choose among Lorne's many acquaintances in a tight schedule, trying not to neglect anyone, while also finding time to be alone. Sort through the narrative vignettes of complex lives. Increase bonds. Choose when Lorne tells the truth or hides his feelings. You only have 22 weekends to help Lorne sort out his life before you disappear.