LURE is looking for publishers.

If you're interested in working with us, contact us at or send a message on Twitter!

Copies of the current rules and PDFs of the current version of the game can be found below.



You are rival naturalists aspiring to gain official recognition from the Queen by luring the best beasts from her royal gardens.


Animals require different Bait depending on what they prefer to eat and where they are in the Garden. Many of the Animals have special quirks that alter the way the game is played and lead to interesting combos!


Earn as many points as you can by collecting Animals before the Queen arrives. The highest score wins!


- 15 to 30 minutes to play

- 2 to 5 players

- Assets: 90 cards, nothing else 

- Card Drafting 

- Hand management

- Light set collection, engine building, and take-that elements

- Fast turns, interesting decisions!

- Allows for clever, evolving strategies

- Each Animal is unique and interesting

- High replay-ability (due to setup randomness)

- Simple, inviting images/theme

Art by Miles Monroe


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