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Elemental Connection

Elemental Connection is a minimalist abstract board game about making elemental connections. Relax, think, and solve the situation as it unfolds.


Connect colored tiles on the same board field as your opponent using the growing setup to gain the advantage. Struggle against six types of computer opponents, each with their own method of outwitting you. Learn the gentle nuances of play to eke out those precious few points.

Elemental Connection is a board game I developed in 2003 to play with friends. It started with poster board and markers, then slowly progressed into hand-crafted wooden version that I lugged around different countries to play with fellow strangers. It's pretty cool. We can play in real life if you like.

This version is just to spread the love. It has no multiplayer yet, but some day...?

Thanks for taking your time to play! Enjoy!

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