Bout with Odon
Follow Florentine as she fights for an odd, underground fencing organization that requires members to place their Prized Possession on the line with every bout.

Genre: JRPG/Mystery/Information Collection

Playtime: Expect 8-12 hours of story

Fleuret Blanc - Trailer from Tumbles on Vimeo.

23-year-old Florentine Blanc is a college graduate who has dedicated her life to travel. She seems to strike gold when she gets accepted into FOIL, a private fencing organization looking for members interested in a "new breed" of the sport.

The rules? Members of FOIL must wager their most Prized Possession in the world. This object acts as a trophy winnable by other members of the group. After seven days of bouts, the judges decide who she replaces as the new member. But what happens to members who leave? And why are Prized Possessions such an integral aspect of FOIL's structure? As her experience in the isolated Ch√Ęteau de l'Hiver becomes more menacing, Florentine determines to investigate what evolves into a mysterious and ugly truth.

Fence opponents and adorn your shelves with their heartfelt objects as if they were simple trophies. Explore a small French manor and interact with its residents to collect clues, information, or other points of interest in order to progress a winding and mysterious plot.

Fleuret Blanc is primarily about the importance of objects in our life. Though the storyline follows Florentine as she unravels the mysteries of an underground fencing organization (FOIL) and its judges, she's constantly challenged with ideas of possession, collection, and obsession. Each evening, the members of FOIL bout with their Prized Possession on the line. The loser must relinquish the one object that they prize above all others, leaving its fate in the hands of their opponent.

Ideas of loss are eschewed in favor of balanced "rewards," and even failed bouts are rewarded with some cash. There is nothing in Fleuret Blanc that can be truly taken away from the player--except for Prized Possessions. Objects gathered are tallied at the end of each day for arbitrary points. And though collecting is encouraged for a better score, the overall implications of the act can be bittersweet.

The e-Virtuelle
Overhead view
Flore's Room
After a Bout