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"I'm sure an inspiring quote will be said about this game, eventually"

- Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III, creator of Social Caterpillar

Social Caterpillar is a diorama that elaborates on thoughts and feelings about introversion and socializing. Each piece is some wildly personal and heavily abstracted metaphor for interacting and progressing through... well, people.

Be an introvert stepping outside his/her bubble. For curiosity? For love? To ace that big speech on insects? Not so important.

-Engage with 15 unique context-sensitive puzzles

-Press forward through doors despite a rather unhelpful Inner Voice

-Spend Social Energy and regain some by relaxing at home, alone, just for a moment

-Push and poke around areas to find Secret Rooms and Puzzles

-Be sure to pet a caterpillar if you see one!

This is a short, simple game that expresses the nuances of social interactions through bite-sized puzzles. There is very little text and most of the story is implied rather than explained. It's designed to evoke some neat thoughts while also looking kind of pretty and feeling kind of new. Also, caterpillars.

Custom pixel art and music ~ Over 15 unique puzzles ~ Pretentious metaphors!

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